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17 icons

All taken from S03E04 'The Pirate Solution'

[ Howard ]

[ Penny ]

[ Penny & Sheldon ]

[ Sheldon ]


[ Sheldon & Raj ]


[ Raj ]


Please credit if used :D

it's been a while

I hate being confused and that's how I'm feeling in this exact moment. He makes me wonder about tomorrow, my future. Do I really need all of this0a carrer, a family - a life? Why do I even bother to get up every morning or why do I worry about every single detail in my aspect?

Maybe tomorrow I won't even be here, but I'm certain that I want this to work-I want us to happen.

A well deserved break

So I'm finally Uni-free! :does dorky dance: As I said before, I swear I won't ever take 8 courses again! Next semester I'm sticking with only 6 maybe 7... dunno yet. Anyway, I'm packing my stuff 'cause I'm going to Serena for two weeks! This will be awesome. Just resting, sleeping my life away and lots of excercise! I'm gonna make some good use of the 'lil gym at my parent's home.

Must hurry... I'm really excited about seeing my babiees! I've missed them so damn much!

True fact

Today has been a Quinto day with lots of Quinto rumors and a nice picspam...

Oooh~~~ <3


I can't believe he did this! I couldn't stop LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so in love with him :sigh:

btw this was on (dunno if Tuesday or wednesday) Saturn awards.

pd: don't you think the salute comes out naturally? xD He is a true Spock! <3


Blah blah blah

I've been telling myself to update my lj everyday or in between days. So that's what I'm doing. Hello nobody, today it rained =) That has got to be the more exciting thing today. I had an exam in which I did well and I've been told that next tuesday it's the very last exam! Then just 2 more projects and I'm done for this semester... FINALLY!
Never again will I take 8 courses... EVER! It's way to tiring :/

Oh, I'm getting obsessed again with S/U ff and that has distracted me since I got home and I still can't finish my report for tomorrow... D: Why can I have a life like everyone?

Anyway.. off to make something productive. Bye

pd: as always, don't mind the grammar.. it simply sucks.
when everytime you hear a song that's only clicks and stuff you turn the tv off and ran to hide thinking that MAYBE there's a private organization trying to use you as a guinea pig for their brand new ´brainwasher´machine.

Best Movie Ever

So um yeah, I just LOVE this movie <3

13 Icons

It's the first time I'm doing this (make & post icons) so yeah, be nice. I'm not a pro at this or something.

Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

Jim Parsons

Peter Bishop (Fringe)

Zachary Quinto

Please credit if use :D


X-.Men Origins: sucky movie. Messed up with the comic. Hmm yeah that's it.
Hated how they made Deadpool look like, I mean c'mon, the mouth? Kinda important.

Hot guys... it's all I can say.

Btw: Really, Cyclop? He's not even supossed to be there.. but well.

Kick ass day! Finally done with the fraking proyect that kept me sleep deprived for nearly a month :D

Uh, I love life =)